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Some of the newest kinds of HMS have attributes that are only known as 'Gimmicks'. So far just 3 have been produced by Takara (obviously), but information states that more will be brought out, and when they are, check out here for the news on then ;).

The 3 gimmick beyblades released in Japan at the moment, are Dark Leopard, Magical Ape, and Phantom Fox. They each have different gimmicks which can enhance there abilities and chances of winning.

Dark Leopard MS:
The gimmick of this beyblade is that in battle it can change from attack to endurance. So if your going crazy and take a hard hit, hopefully this blade will kick into endurance mode and will be able to outspin the opponent.

Phantom Fox MS:
This blade has a really amazing gimmick, in battle it can split into two different blades, both attacking the opponent, but they'll probably attack each other as well, so this blade has its advantages and disadvantage both at the same time. This blade is probably got the best gimmick, but isn't much use in serious HMS battles, as the two blades are pretty light when separated.

Magical Ape MS:
This blade has a great 'gimmick' when facing really hard-hitting opponents. This blade can be ripped in, upside-down, and in battle if its knocked so hard it flips over, it is possible for it to keep spinning, obviously in the opposite spin direction it was launched in. This almost never happens though, and the only real use is that you have more-or-less two blades in one with this.

Round Shell MS:
This blade has a really unique gimmick that most bladers have probably tried with another sort of blade, only for it to be unsuccessful. You can launch it in...SIDEWAYS! thats right, you launch it so it spins like a wheel, its pretty controlled and will knock out nearly everything that comes into contact with it. It has a rubber ring around it's weight disk which helps it not go too out of control. Like all other gimmick blades though, it can be launched in normally, but its still pretty special like this, the rubber ring, helps re-bound any oncoming attacks from other blades. Pretty cool.

Samurai Changer MS
This is a blade which has the most random of attack patterns known in beyblade. Like Wolborg, it can switch form attack to endurance, or endurance to attack, but once it has switched, it can switch back. At one point you could be battering the opponent in atack mode, and then as soon as you are hit, you switch to a holding endurance mode, outlasting your opponent.

Aero Knight MS
This is the ultimate defensive HMS blade, it comes with a huge add-on, like trypio's original attack ring, this makes the blade, actually hover slightly. The beyblade can also be used without the add-on, and it is still pretty good.

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